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Welcome to Venmar! This site contains information about Venmar energy recovery ventilators, Venmar’s Constructo ERVs and information about high end Venmar ERVs.

What is an ERV?

An ERV, or Energy Recovery Ventilator, is an addition to any home or building’s HVAC system. It exchanges and preconditions the energy from any HVAC system’s exhaust air with the incoming outdoor fresh air, resulting in both lower energy bills and less workload on a building’s furnace or air conditioner. ERV technology has evolved to the point where both heat and humidity can be exchanged, resulting in cooler, dry air in the summer and warmer, humidified air in the winter. ERVs provide a clean and consistent way to reduce both energy bills and exhaust at the same time, as well as provide a building’s HVAC system with the ability to easily maintain a relative humidity of 40 to 50 percent under essentially all conditions.

Venmar CES

A Brief History of Venmar

Venmar has been designing premium energy recovery equipment since 1952. Started in Canada, Venmar set out with the goal of providing cost effective commercial ventilation to a wide variety of businesses around the globe. To this day, over one million North American locations carry Venmar ventilation products, and that number grows every single day. Venmar devotes at least five percent (oftentimes more) of its annual sales to research and development, ensuring that the company is always ahead of the curve in HVAC technology.